WA・KKA キモノレンタルとオムスビのお店|京都|観光|京都旅行|関西旅行|祇園|八坂神社|着物レンタル|着物で散策|
WA・KKA キモノレンタルとオムスビのお店|京都|観光|京都旅行|関西旅行|祇園|八坂神社|着物レンタル|着物で散策|












+Additional Services

  • WA·KKA キモノレンタルとオムスビの店|京都|観光|京都旅行|関西旅行|祇園|八坂神社|着物レンタル|着物で散策
    Hair Styling +
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    We propose a hair arrangement that matches your kimono. We will also attach hair accessories.

    [Online payment benefit]

    Free hair arrangement or omusubi lunch set


    As a benefit for those who make a reservation and pay online in advance, we will provide a free hair arrangement service. For those who do not need a hair arrangement, we will provide a free omusubi lunch set.

    *Please be sure to add it to your cart when making a reservation.

    *Reservations made by cash on delivery (= local payment) are not eligible. Even if it is added to the cart, you will be charged the option fee at the time of your visit. Please note in advance."

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  • WA·KKA キモノレンタルとオムスビの店|京都|観光|京都旅行|関西旅行|祇園|八坂神社|着物レンタル|着物で散策
    Next-Day Return +
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    You can also enjoy your evening plans. Please return it by 3 p.m. the next day.


    ・We will collect a deposit of ¥10,000 per person as compensation when you visit. Please prepare cash. If there are no problems such as dirt or damage at the time of return, the deposit will be refunded in full.

    ・From the next day, a late fee of ¥3,300 will be charged per day.

    ・If it is not returned within one week or lost, it will be considered a purchase and you will be charged the full price of the kimono set.

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  • 他にないこだわりの帯や着物|WA・KKA キモノレンタルとオムスビのお店|京都|観光|京都旅行|関西旅行|祇園|八坂神社|着物レンタル|着物で散策|

    Point 1

    The unique Obi and Kimono

    WA・KKA, with an unparalleled commitment, have offered over 100 patterns of half-width obi and an astonishing 200 patterns of Kyoto bag obi to date. We hope that each design, with its accompanying story and emotions embedded in the product, can be enjoyed by a wider audience. We also have many specially tailored kimonos and other original items available for you to choose from.

  • 歩きやすいお草履|WA・KKA キモノレンタルとオムスビのお店|京都|観光|京都旅行|関西旅行|祇園|八坂神社|着物レンタル|着物で散策|

    Point 2

    Comfortable Walking Zori

    The Zori we offer are light and easy to walk on even on asphalt or concrete pavement, making them comfortable for extended use. These EVA Zori are designed to be easy on your feet, allowing you to spend your day lightly and enjoyably. May you have a delightful day.

  • コーディネートのお手伝い|WA・KKA キモノレンタルとオムスビのお店|京都|観光|京都旅行|関西旅行|祇園|八坂神社|着物レンタル|着物で散策|

    Point 3

    Assistance with Coordination

    Even if you have never worn a kimono before, please feel free to consult with us. We will assist you in coordinating the best ensemble, taking into account your preferences. Enjoy the time spent choosing the items as well.

  • プライベートルームでお支度|WA・KKA キモノレンタルとオムスビのお店|京都|観光|京都旅行|関西旅行|祇園|八坂神社|着物レンタル|着物で散策|

    Point 4

    Preparation in a Private room

    Dressing and hair arrangements will be conducted in a private room, allowing you to prepare without concerns about your surroundings. You can get ready with peace of mind in a private setting.

  • WA・KKA キモノレンタルとオムスビのお店|京都|観光|京都旅行|関西旅行|祇園|八坂神社|着物レンタル|着物で散策|

    Point 5

    Located in Kyoto's tourist spots.

    Our shop is right near Yasaka Shrine. Being conveniently situated for sightseeing at places like Kiyomizu Temple, it's recommended to explore the attractions during the day in a kimono and change into Western clothes in the evening to enjoy delicious food.






WA・KKA キモノレンタルとオムスビのお店|京都|観光|京都旅行|関西旅行|祇園|八坂神社|着物レンタル|着物で散策|

Our Commitment

WA・KKA Kimono Rental and Omusubi Shop

WA・KKA is a Kyoto-based brand and manufacturer that originated from the desire to "make outings in kimono even more enjoyable!" and "pass on Japan's traditional culture to future generations."

With the intention of increasing the number of kimono enthusiasts, we have opened a kimono rental shop where visitors from around the world can experience WA・KKA in Gion, Kyoto, a popular destination for tourists.

We plan and produce kimonos and obis with the aim of spreading the beauty of traditional Japanese culture.

  • WA・KKA キモノレンタルとオムスビのお店|京都|観光|京都旅行|関西旅行|祇園|八坂神社|着物レンタル|着物で散策|